Mbappé’s response to Neymar’s World Cup joke

Mbappé’s response to Neymar’s World Cup joke

PSG players Mbappé, Danilo, Hakimi, Wijnaldum, and Neymar were invited to speak about the upcoming World Cup while in Qatar for a few days to carry out activations with sponsors. The Brazilian No. 10 appeared to be in good shape and spirits during this game: “You go home in November, brother!” You have already won, Kylian.
It’s now Brazil’s turn! Brazil, Brazil, Brazil! Out with Portugal! Out with Morocco! Out, Netherlands! Out, France! And I come in with Brazil and win!
More seriously, the man preparing to compete in his third World Cup admits that winning the Seleço’s sixth star is a dream come true: “It is fantastic to participate in the World Cup.” These are the most crucial games of our lives. Like Draxler and Kylian, I have yet to win a World Cup.

It’s a fantasy of mine. When I succeed in bringing the Cup to Brazil, I hope to share this dream with others.
“Portugal? Out, 100 percent,” Neymar said when asked about the 2017 World Cup. The Netherlands is definitely out.

Morocco? Out. Germany ? Out. France ? Out. Only Brazil remains, and I will win.” pic.twitter… (IG/@qatarairways)

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