The official compositions of Paris FC and Sochaux

The official compositions of Paris FC and Sochaux

This Tuesday evening marks the commencement of the Ligue 2 play-offs. At Charléty, fourth-placed Paris FC hosts fifth-placed Sochaux. (A match that will be shown live on our website at 8:30 p.m.) The winner of this match will travel to Auxerre on Friday, where they may face the 18th of L1 the following week. The Parisians and Sochaliens have a long road ahead of them, but it begins tonight.

The loser will have to go on vacation.
In the absence of Boutab, Thierry Laurey, PFC’s coach, makes bold decisions, such the benching of Lopez, Mandouki, or Caddy in favor of Alfarela or Gory in front. Omar Daf, Sochaux’s coach, is in the same boat. Although Pogba and Do Couto were named starters, they did not play in this game.

Ambri will assist Kalulu with Mauricio and Weissbeck, while Diedhiou will form the central hinge with Aaneba.

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