Tensions between Gana Gueye and PSG are rising. This is a brand-new episode that PSG may have skipped.

Tensions between Gana Gueye and PSG are rising. This is a brand-new episode that PSG may have skipped.

because their French championship trophy is set to be presented to them on Saturday. The mood is already depressing.
Since the club’s humiliating Champions League elimination last March, at the Parc des Princes and at the club.
The Hamraoui case has also sparked controversy, and the Gueye case has resurfaced over the weekend.

It’s already the last season
The African champion was absent from the championship day dedicated to the battle against homophobia.
L’Équipe recalls Abdou Diallo as an example. Officially.

The midfielder was ill with gastroenteritis at the time.
This season, however. Around the time of the match against Montpellier and when he was on his way to Hérault…
When he saw the rainbow colors on the shirt flocking, he declined to be on the game sheet. Gueye was not covered by PSG.

This is the time
. He was not covered by PSG. “Personal reasons” were given as an explanation.
Pochettino quickly stated after the 4-0 victory over MHSC that Gueye “was not hurt.”
On the Senegalese side, communication isn’t going so well.

This Tuesday, L’Equipe reports.
He holds his club responsible for not covering more ground.
He hadn’t seen the footage in which he inadvertently injures Mbappé in training.
a couple hours before the second leg against Real Madrid
As a result, it was the player’s entourage who talked in the columns of Le Parisien to try to diffuse the situation.

“Anyone who knows Idrissa knows he is not homophobic.” Rather, someone who is receptive to others
While the current president of the Ile-de-France region is a previous presidential candidate.
Les Républicains’ Valérie Pécresse has asked for punishment. In 2012/2013, she marched alongside the Manif pour Tous.

The PSG has found itself in a humiliating situation
. The institution has once again been weakened.
Just in case, the capital’s club has activated its legal service.
whereas it has recently reaffirmed its partnership with three anti-discrimination organizations (Sportitude.

SOS Racism and Licra)
. In this case, it is his authority that is being questioned once again.
because he can’t sit still. at the risk of further eroding the institution.

This could potentially be the final chapter in Gueye’s story

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