Mercato. PSG: Lionel Messi is a shareholder and a future player for the club! ..

Mercato. PSG: Lionel Messi is a shareholder and a future player for the club! ..

Everything indicates that Lionel Messi will stay at PSG for another season.
Despite his father’s wishes for him to return to Barcelona, he persists.
The Argentine should honor his contract in France for the final year. To take advantage of the opportunity for a third season.

is, on the other hand, far less definite
. He’ll be 35 years old by then, and it’ll most likely be time for him to depart.
Where are you going? We’ll have to wait and see. However, the United States is ticking off a number of boxes.

La Pulga’s transfer to the MLS, particularly to Miami, has long been rumored
. For a few…
The plan has been in the works for quite some time. Messi must spend the next two years in Paris before crossing the Atlantic.
“Messi is still one of the world’s finest players.

David (Beckham) has a relationship with him, and I believe that if he leaves PSG, that friendship will end
We want Lionel Messi to play for Inter Miami and be a part of our community. Is it possible? We’ll make an effort.
I’m a natural optimist.

It’s conceivable.” Inter Miami shareholder and player Jorge Mas….Messi. The latter is true.
The American franchise’s co-owner. It’s possible that the seven-time Golden Ball winner may become a business partner.

According to DirecTV, a major Latin American media outlet on the other side of the Atlantic
Inter Miami’s rights are being purchased by Lionel Messi, who will own 35 percent of the club. He will join the team in the summer of 2023. following this season…
according to Alex Candal, a journalist with the channel.

The contract has even been finalized. The autographs are the only thing missing.
The agreement could be signed in the month of August.
“Messi is going to buy 35 percent of Inter Miami’s stock,” says @Alex candal.

and will join the team in the summer of 2023″ Futbol Total DIRECTV (@DTVTotal)
The 16th of May, 2022. “I’ve always stated that I’d like to take advantage of the opportunity to live in the United States. In this league, I’m playing.

But I’m not sure it’ll happen
. “Either now or later.” In December 2020, Messi will explain.
Then six months after his contract with Barcelona expires. By becoming a member of Inter Miami…
The attacking midfielder would provide his own team with a lot of media attention.

Aside from marketing and financial attractiveness.
It wouldn’t hurt considering Blaise Matuidi’s former squad, which is currently in 13th place, is still struggling this season (out of 14).

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