Mercato PSG: Kylian Mbappé’s bomb ignites the flames in Spain.

Mercato PSG: Kylian Mbappé’s bomb ignites the flames in Spain.

The evening’s main attraction. Kylian Mbappé was eagerly expected on the red carpet of the UNFP Awards yesterday by journalists and fans in large numbers. The striker for Paris Saint-Germain was the big winner of the night. He was also the reward list winner, having been named best player in Ligue 1 and appearing in the usual eleven for the 2021-22 season.

Once on stage, the Frenchman couldn’t avoid inquiries about his future, as he must choose between staying at PSG and joining Real Madrid
KM7 also notices it more vividly. “It’s almost over in a flash. Is my decision made? Yes, almost there, “On stage, Kylian Mbappé admitted.

Then, in the mixed zone, he was logically relaunched on the subject. And there, too, he made an announcement… because he indicated he’d reveal his decision “soon and well before” the French team’s next meeting, on May 28 in Clairefontaine. What statements have sparked outrage in France? but also in Spain, where the 23-year-old striker’s future is a regular topic of discussion.
Mbappé has been spotted in Madrid by the Spanish press.

Marca bluffed with the headline “It’s over…” However, before transmitting the entire comments of the tricolor player, the Spanish media trimmed them: “We must respect all sides.” I’m in a rush as well, but I’m not the only one
. It’s over, yet there are some details missing. My decision will be made public soon.” “In Real Madrid, they remain confident and serene,” Marca continued, “and the future of the French footballer, who is already in white, is not in doubt.” Neither the image rights issues, nor the sums for the signing bonus, nor the Frenchman’s appropriateness for Ancelotti’s strategy.
Real Madrid is unconcerned about the various issues that could derail the operation’s conclusion.”
Andres Onrubia, an AS and Cadena SER journalist, said to the radio station, “They are frightened in Paris.

He plans to make his decision by May 28. He might achieve it in his final game with PSG on Saturday. I believe it will be there because he will be able to give a speech and say goodbye to the supporters.
“If Mbappé has decided,” one of his teammates said, “I do not believe it is good behavior to have given PSG hope in the last two months,” before adding, “if he does not make any gesture, it is also a sign.” Finally, the show El Chiringuito devoted a significant amount of time to Mbappé.
Words and a face that signify everything
“I got the impression that Mbappé is considerably closer to Madrid than to Paris,” said a show special envoy who spoke with the star in the mixed zone.

According to him, the fact that he responds in excellent Spanish is also a hint of his impending departure.
Just like his expression when he asked whether he was bidding his goodbyes (see tweet below). El Chiringuito deciphers the message as “we see you in Madrid.” According to the show, there is concern in Paris that he will join Madrid. Especially because the fact that he posed with the next PSG shirt, according to the show’s journalists, means nothing.

ATTENTION TO THE MBAPPÉ GESTO! “Is it a DESPEDIDA, Kylian?” ” La francés'mueca' a @plazacasals… Talks to himself
. #ChiringuitoMbappé El Chiringuito TV (@elchiringuitotv) is a Mexican television channel. May 15, 2022
Finally, the Iberian press scrutinized the Frenchman’s remarks.
He stated in February that becoming the greatest striker in PSG history may be a goal.

He just replied last night that being among the top three scorers for the capital club made him happy. This is yet another sign of El Chiringuito’s impending departure. What is known is that the Spanish press is eagerly anticipating the Frenchman’s decision.

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