Martin Terrier is being pursued by Tottenham.

Martin Terrier is being pursued by Tottenham.

A nearly perfect week. Quite recently. Martin Terrier is perched atop his cloud. And the striker, who is 25 years old, has a lot to be thrilled about.

Following the loss against Nantes on Wednesday,
His week’s only little blemish
. After Rennes’ 2-0 win over Olympique de Marseille on Saturday, he cracked a smile.
This still leaves the possibility of qualifying for the UEFA Champions League next season. The following day.

The Armentières native was in Paris to compete in the UNFP Trophies. It’s been a crazy season.
Nominated for the best player of the year award.

Kylian Mbappé has won a trophy.
The Rennes player has been selected for the 2021-22 exercise’s XI type. There’s still one more day to go…
Martin Terrier has already had an outstanding year. In all competitions, he has found the net 21 times.

while assisting 5 people The real achievement for the former OL, however, is that he finally got the dreaded click
Everyone thinks she’s talented. He’d had a mental block before.
In a news conference in mid-March, the primary interest recognized himself.

“I’m in a nice mood.”
My progress has been satisfactory
. This season, I feel like I’ve reached a new level, especially mentally.
In terms of productivity. It appears to be the case.

On the field, the coach allows me a lot of leeway. In terms of my actions…
He truly allows me to go wherever I want. He frequently encourages me to take risks. which I didn’t have at the start of the season.

In that regard, he was really helpful
. Bruno Genesio, who had previously worked with him in Lyon. played a significant role.
The technician is pleased with the progress.

Terrier was the one who made the connection. “His progress has been just what I had hoped for.
We never kept it a secret from Florian (Maurice). He is a striker who possesses all of the contemporary characteristics necessary to be a great striker.

That is, until now.
He didn’t always show his full talent. Almost definitely due to a lack of confidence or mental blockages.
He’s growing up. He also enters at a stage in his life when he is an ideal age for a striker.

He is a 25-year-old man. He has a lot of experience.
He’s been through a lot in his life. But for the 97-year-old, that’s the end of the narrative.

who has been pre-selected for the next French team, extending his good week
. Terrier’s logical continuation…
Thierry Henry is a big fan of it. “We’ve seen guys be called up to the French team or other national teams by performing less than that.”
There are a lot of players in this lineup. It is difficult for DD (Didier Deschamps).
Is it justified? If he leaves, I’d like to say that.

It would not be unjustifiable. There is a minor distinction.
This player is one of my favorites. Regardless.

Congratulations on his achievements this season. even if it isn’t finished yet.
The total number of goals he has scored in his career. No one would have predicted it at the start of the season.

Including him.”
Tottenham is a big fan of his
. This season, the dynamic striker is at the peak of his game.
This has, understandably, gotten people’s attention. According to the Italian press, Napoli was keeping an eye on him.

The Partenopei aren’t the only ones, though
. According to our knowledge. Martin Terrier is valued by Tottenham Hotspur.
He has even received a proposal.

What the Bretons’ situation will be in the future remains to be seen.
who will be able to compete in the C1 next year? as well as the player’s contract, which runs through 2025. Prime Video enquired about his future plans.
A slight explanation was provided by the Frenchman.

“At the end of the season, we’ll see how things go, but I’m under contract until 2025.”
Here, I am content
. I’m delighted to be here. It’s undeniable that this is a tremendous season.
From every angle, because we’re having a great time and producing beautiful soccer.

In terms of points and goals scored, we’re outscoring the competition
. These are positive developments that bode well for the future.
At this level, a Terrier is a Terrier.

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