Lionel Messi wants to clear the air! PSG: Lionel Messi wants to clear the air! ..

Lionel Messi wants to clear the air! PSG: Lionel Messi wants to clear the air! ..

Almost a year has passed since his surprise arrival at Paris Saint-Germain. Lionel Messi has had a rollercoaster year.
The Blaugrana have forced me out, which is both surprising and disappointing.
Before arrival in France, the Argentine was forcibly ejected.

Unsurprisingly. after more than a quarter-century in Barcelona.
La Pulga struggled to acclimatize to his new existence.
The French media chastised him for a performance that fell short of his lofty expectations (11 goals).

In 33 games, he has 13 assists
. tournaments in general). PSG’s number 30 has unquestionably had the worst season of his career.
As a result, it’s not unexpected that his future was brought up so swiftly.

Except that Messi has no plans to leave Paris before his contract expires (2023).
His likely entrance in Major League Soccer (MLS) at Inter Miami in a year was discussed in the most recent rumors concerning his future.
Messi would buy 35 percent of the shares in David Beckham’s Florida team and take on the role of shareholder-player.
His clan instantly refuted the information.

While we wait to discover if the American report is true or not,
The former Blaugrana intends to finish his contract with the Red and Blue in the coming year
. Pochettino has disappointed me.
According to L’Équipe, as well. Messi wants to silence his detractors. Throughout his career, he has been accustomed to being the number one.

The South American has had a difficult time adjusting to his new surroundings
. He does, however, aim to place points on the i.
He’s more at ease in a locker room that he’s become familiar with over time.
Certain players, such as Marco Verratti and Kylian Mbappé, have built special ties with Messi.
He’s aware that he’ll have to change roles (less striker.

more passer). Argentina is a country in South America.
who has a good chance of finishing second in Ligue 1 in terms of assists behind Mbappé.
has only one goal in life: to help PSG win the Champions League.

There is no way to change the team for a player who has been properly characterized by his summer move in 2021
. However.
There are certain drawbacks to mention. In addition to the Park’s whistles, which have taken him by surprise.

Messi, in particular, would not be on the same page as Mauricio Pochettino
According to the newspaper, the former Culé did not fare well in the game. Pochettino is in the hot seat.

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