Barcelona is on the approach of passing Real Madrid in the race for Endrick.

Barcelona is on the approach of passing Real Madrid in the race for Endrick.

Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa, better known as Endrick, has been making a name for himself in the world of soccer since a few months with the Palmeiras youth. This striker, who shares a similar flair to Ronaldo de Nazario and was born in July 2006, is breaking all records with the Verdo under 20 team. Last January, he made his debut in the Copinha, the Brazilian Under-20 Cup, scoring seven goals in six games to help his club win the title against Santos (4-0).
He is followed by the top clubs in the world, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Chelsea, and Manchester City, and he feeds imaginations as a certain Neymar did a decade ago, despite the fact that he has not yet played professionally.

The native of Brasilia, who reinforced his strong performances a month ago by winning the Montaigu Tournament with Brazil, has seen his name return to the Real Madrid side more and more
. His father, in fact, just expressed his support for the team. Despite the Casa Blanca’s advantage in the case, Barcelona does not believe it and wants to repeat what he did with Neymar in 2013 by taking the lead.
Endrick is expected to join Barcelona in 2024.

As a result, according to Sport, the Blaugrana have taken the initiative in this matter and will initiate talks with Palmeiras in the coming days to double the competition
. Endrick, who is under contract with the Brazilian side until June 2024 as a trainee, could sign his first professional contract next July when he turns 16. That’s when Barcelona comes up with a strategy. The Catalans are hoping to secure an arrangement with Palmeiras that will bind the player to the Catalan club as soon as he signs his first professional deal with the Brazilian team.
Barcelona intends to arrange a trade with various bonuses based on the player’s progress, with the latter expected to arrive in the summer of 2024.

A means to speculate on the future without risking financial ruin, as the operation will only last two years. It remains to be seen whether the player and the Verdo will be seduced by this first Catalan approach. Other rivals may also react to Catalonia’s attack.

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